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If like me you're of a certain age (hard to believe I know), then you'll probably remember a delightful French short sometimes shown on children's television during the 1960's about a Parisian boy who is befriended by a big red balloon. The 1956 film by Albert Lamorisse and starring his son Pascal is the only dialogue-free film to have won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

There's a disagreement between retailer websites as to when the Blu-Ray will be released. According to (£9.99) the release date is January 18th next year. On Amazon (£9.98) it's quoted as being released on October 26th this year. Arbitration is at hand in the form of the website of Network DVD, the Blu-Ray's publisher. According to them, Monday 18th January is the correct date.

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As you can see from the list below, offer patrol is an interest-based site, checking out deals and offers in the areas that interest us most... entertainment, gadgets and travel. Money is the wherewithall and if we can save money on our money, we have more money for our interests!


More information about Blu-ray offers soon!

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Retailers with low headline prices can often have higher delivery charges. Comparison websites usually list the lowest headline price first, but the best deal may be lower down the list.

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